A glance into my various photography projects.

“The perception of age”  is a study I started to inquire what people think age looks like.  The study spanned a year and participants ranged from 4-80 years of age and lived all along the west coast.

“This is Me” is an exploration into the beauty & vulnerability of people.  Please note, the series does contain partial nudity but is not adult in content.

“Littles in the Dungeon” is an short erotic series about 3 littles who take over a dungeon.  Please note, the series does contain partial nudity and is adult in content. Viewer discretion is advised.

“Curves” is mini collection intended for mature audiences.  Although, no nudity or adult content is shown, it is implied.  Viewer discretion is advised.

“Confidence is Sexy” is series inspired by the idea that no matter age, style, or body type all you need is confidence to be sexy.

“Immersed” is series inspired by inner strength.  The ability to be strong while standing out for things one has no control over.

“A world full of color” is a series still in progress & is expected to be on display at Club Privata in Portland Oregon in July of 2018.

“Sexuality over 50” is an idea I have for my next series.


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