As people we are immersed in so many ideas, projections, and expectations in our culture. Finding your ones own definition of beauty and learning the power in acceptance of self can be difficult when being contrasted against what one “ought” to be.

“Immersed” is photo series inspired by inner strength.  The original title, ‘Immersed in a blanched society’ was inspired after the 2016 presidential election.  At the time the out pour of hate that LGBT, women, & people of color experienced was horrendous.  As a Hispanic woman I suddenly felt immersed in a society that I didn’t visually see myself in.  I wanted to subtly show how people can stand out, so I chose to photograph my models in a milk bath.  This series was the most visually challenging project for me because it was the first time I styled my models makeup, hair, and overall look.


I hope to continue this series, if you’re interested in being a model please contact M.