Littles in the Dungeon was my first erotic photo series & I would say the most fun.  The concept came from the BDSM big/little dynamic.  Big/little play is when one or both people embody a different biological age.  The idea was, what if a bunch of littles took over a dungeon, what would they do?

I had a few ideas for different scene’s, but what made this series so fun was that the models were really just having fun.  It was important to me to show people who genuinely identify as littles and I think that added to the spontaneity of what was captured.  I didn’t know what to expect, but I knew that I wanted the photos to be fun.  Because we were shooting in a dungeon I wanted to contrast dark against a vivid color that one wouldn’t expect to see in such a place.  The girls brought their coloring books, tutu’s, and toys…of all kinds.

The series has been on display numerous times and is limited in available prints.