SciFi Women from Another Dimension

Scifi Women From Another Dimension explores 4 different stories from Earth 2.7

If we were in a world 2 realities away how would women be perceived and represented?  I would imagine that they would be valued for their intellect & abilities opposed to primarily their appearance.  Here are 5 different characters & their stories.

Polarity is a blockbuster hit that follows Technical Officer T’Spera onto the ship Polarity while she attempts to scrub the ships computer system but soon discovers there’s something hiding in the code.

The short story of Spectrum takes readers to a world of glorious color, energy, and love.  But will it always remain that way???

Droid Takeover is one of the hottest games by PopTop Games.  Players can

choose between a genius inventor Dap or her Companion Adaptable Robotic Lifelike Android C.A.R.L.A

The book series Cascadia Rising  is a true balance between science and magic.  This young adult series follows shiny & her companion Bug Buddy as they protect their Hive in a post apocalyptic world and discover the true purpose of her compass.