Droid Takeover

A PopTop Game 

SciFi Women


The Dapper Genius – “Dap”

Quote: “When the zombie apocalypse comes people die, names are forgotten. Titles build legends, and legends live forever.”

A genius inventor whose interests range from botany to robotics, the Dapper Genius fights the zombie infestation with her most powerful weapon: her imagination.

Dap’s arsenal consists of weapons and gadgets tucked into or, in some cases, built into her vest. She also has the special ability to fix or invent new gadgets in response to challenges.

But really, why would Dap get her hands dirty when she can build someone to do it for her?


Companion Adaptable Robotic Lifelike Android

Quote: “Be nice, or I’ll switch to my combat mode. Trust me, you don’t want to be here when my evening gown comes off. Gin and tonic, or ray gun and armor? Up to you, sweetie.”

Dangerous and beautiful, CARLA is everything a person could want in a companion when the zombie apocalypse comes ‘round. Whether she is hosting a party in her purple evening gown or zapping zombies in her battle armor, CARLA is programmed to manage any occasion flawlessly.

CARLA has two modes. Her abilities change depending on which mode she is currently in.

  • Social mode (purple dress): Massive advantage to social puzzles, lower armor and weapon damage. Enables social options in various challenges.
  • Combat mode (silver armor): Massive combat bonus, lower social and empathy skills. Enables weapon options and armor regeneration.