Technical Officer T’Spera


[DATE – 2381.11-5]



INCURSION AGENT – Note for archives, Technical Officer T’Spera has already stated service information for records and will not be recorded for this interview.

COMPUTER – Verified.

INCURSION AGENT – Please describe in detail what lead to the system incident as reported by your fellow crew.

T’SPERA – We took a standard Hopper from the Yamato to perform a full system reset of the Polarity. 72 hours had passed since she’d crossed the Khyber Belt and her comms were still dark. It’s common after deep space missions. But, standard procedure dictates we make sure the ship is bug free.

INCURSION AGENT – Just to be clear, this was a “check and see” mission, with only a small complement of Marines?

T’SPERA – Yes ma’am, I’d done this dozens of times. KB’s radiation and solar winds play hell on communications. Common, like I said. Anyway, we make the jump to Polarity and they’re flashing lights at us, so I know folks are good inside. On my orders, the pilot docks us and we bring in the system scrubbing equipment.

INCURSION AGENT – Did you ask why no one on the Polarity had attempted a scrubbing?

T’SPERA – I try not to poke the Slerk, um, bear whenever I do one of these. Usually, in cases like this, the on-board nerds have already tried and slagged it up real bad. So, I get to work while my crew and the Marines do a standard inspection. Everything is going five-by-five.

INCURSION AGENT – When did you first discover these “non-corporals”, you’ve described?

T’SPERA – It started with little things that didn’t add up. It wasn’t that comms had gone down, Polarity’s messages simply weren’t getting out. Yet somehow, her systems didn’t show anything unusual compared to other deep space runs. She should have been able to broadcast and receive like normal.

INCURSION AGENT – When did you report this to your CO on the Yamato?

T’SPERA – Um, I never got to that part… I know that’s my fuck up. I got too wrapped up in trying to understand what I was seeing.


T’SPERA – The comm systems started fighting me. Cascading crashes where nothing was wrong, Polarity’s other systems started malfunctioning. Anything to keep me from relaying wirelessly. So I go to slice in with my hardpack, and the systems fired right up. That just shouldn’t happen. You only use a hardpack when a computer is so screwed you keep it online just to find out went wrong and prevent it from happening again. It’s like being in the middle of an autopsy and have your patient come back to life. Computers don’t act that way, hell, they don’t act at all. That’s when I realized something was… There.

INCURSION AGENT – And where was your crew during this time?

T’SPERA – I don’t know,  I lost track of them, being so focused on all of this… This is when my personal comm was overridden and I was suddenly sending and receiving information with Polarity. My race is bio-synched, you see. It’s why we get hired for this kind of work – total system control. Unless I want something to transmit, it won’t transmit. And yet this was. That’s when I saw it. Memory scans showed a massive influx of…


T’SPERA – A massive influx of memory. For lack of a better term, it looked… Umm. Alive. Like, Living Information. Living. Learning. And, if I’m understanding what I saw, it’s also potentially dangerous.

INCURSION AGENT – Do you believe the “memory influx” was placed in the Polarity comms system with intent?

T’SPERA – I don’t know. To be honest, I was running on instinct at this point. I pulled out my Disruptor, and shut it all down. Whatever it was, I didn’t want it digging around in my bio-link.


T’SPERA – This isn’t just a pendant ma’am, it’s a rite of passage. On my homeworld, younglings play with technology before they even learn to walk. This is the first thing I designed. Disruptors, they’re basically a portable kill switch – less than legal on most other worlds. I didn’t know if it would work on an unknown alien tech, but like I said, instinct. After that, I intended to patch in without the bio-link and dig deeper. But that’s when the Marines found me, smashed my comm unit and dragged me back to the Hopper. They wanted to scuttle the Polarity but received an override.

INCURSION AGENT – Records show no override was sent to the Yamato.

T’SPERA – Yes ma’am. It came FROM the Yamato, internally. I sent the override. I still want to know what that thing was. Can’t study something that’s been nuked from orbit.

INCURSION AGAIN – I see. What happened after that?

T’SPERA – The CO ordered our jump back to United Federation Command. And I’ve been confined to quarters ever since.

INCURSION AGENT – Very well. Let it be known that interrogation systems find no attempt at falsehoods and that Technical Officer T’Spera is to be assigned to the Incursion Division to further study the newest… Elements.

T’SPERA – Shit, did I just get promoted?