SciFi Women


LQ was born into a world of glorious color, energy, and love.  The moment her golden body emerged into the pool of warm liquid she was aware.  Like all the others before her, the parents that had blended were together during the birth.  Their hands capturing her tiny body, telling her how beautiful she was as they caressingly removed the thick waxy coating from between her precious fingertips and toes.  In time, detaching the cord that provided her the pre-birth nutrients and allowing her to breath the fresh vibrant oxygen that filled the skies of Spectrum.

This child was no different from the other Golden children that were under the care of the Yellow.  She was an intelligent child, quickly picking up on mathematics, language, & history. She questioned, not with arguments, but with concern and non-judgment.  She wanted to know why about everything. Her was exceptional in her ability to retain information. The Yellows noted she seemed to lack communication with the other children as she would rather sit quietly and study rather than interact.  They prophesied on her future Faction. Her intelligence was that of a Scholar, a Medic, a Leader. None of them could have foreseen what was coming.

Children and adults alike enjoyed the company of LQ.  Like a Scholar, LQ played the mind games of great philosophers before her.  Her body had strength and she competed at high levels with the sole purpose of Winning, much like a warrior.  She spent hours listening to the Spectrum Leaders with enthusiasm, as though she was absorbing every word and memorizing every law.  She enjoyed tucking her hands in the moist soil of the planet while seeding, the rugged vibration of the turbines, and the hustle and bustle as the vehicles moved throughout the city.  She enjoyed the history of the Scholars & was fascinated by all the Scientific data that was available or her to read. The Breeders however, she wondered about the most. Most pointedly, the process of blending.

The one thing that LQ had the hardest time accepting is that one day, her station and the power that came with it would be revealed to her.  She was not satisfied with that decision being made for her or it coming to her by chance. She saw no reason why she could not choose one, or better yet, choose them all.