Sexuality Over 50

An emerging photo series, Sexuality Over 50

As we age our sexuality evolves, but the perception often changes.  What people think is & isn’t appropriate or acceptable.

When I finished the Netflix series ‘Orange is the new Black’. In the show one of the characters, a woman in her 50’s expressed her veracious sexual appetite and it was interesting to see the various characters response to her sexuality.  Why was it strange, or taboo for someone of her age to be sexual?  I thought of my mother, a beautiful single woman in her 50’s, who has had a number of interested suitors over the years, and who will no doubt have more to come.  So far as I know, she has rejected long term relationships with each of them for one reason or another, and that’s OK. But I think part of that is because, she doesn’t see herself as a desirable sexual being.  So I looked around at what imagery depicts what sexuality looks like for people over 50 and I realized that it, like most media is very narrow.  I KNOW that it has to look different for everyone, because no two peoples sexuality is the same, they may be similar but they are not the same.

Sexuality Over 50 is a collaborative project that visually portrays how people interpret their sexuality. The series isn’t about nudity or explicit imagery, but instead is about each participants unique perception of themselves.

I feel very lucky to know so many incredible people who inspire me to take on this project. I think about their unique personalities and experiences and how they each define their sexuality and it’s nothing like what society thinks it’s ‘supposed to be’.

Take a glimpse of the project in progress!

If you would like to be part of this ongoing project please contact M 

Sexuality over 50