El Mundo Jaspeado

El Mundo Jaspeado is a fine art series inspired by a desire to share some of the beauty that I see in people. The series is intended to grant a glimpse into my perspective of the artistry of the human form. The series is set to be on display in October at the Local Lounge, in Portland, OR.  The series features nine people who each share their strength, grace, and spirit through my lens.  I’m sure you’re wondering why I didn’t choose to just call it A Variegated World. And of all the words to describe the beauty that I see in people, why did I pick the word variegated? How does that connect with these images?

We live in a world mixed with culture and marbled with color. I wanted to reflect that in this series through people. I chose people who are more than what they seem and swathed them with color, light, & shadow to highlight moments that moved me and often leave the viewer wanting more.

The show in October at the Local Lounge includes first edition limited prints from each set, as well as several mixed media collages. The collages bring together my long time love to paint and craft with my passion for photography. They’re a combination of mounted prints mixed with paper, paint, and other materials to create one of a kind pieces that I believe can only be seen. The collages are something completely new for me to produce and to display.

Click here if you would like to see the series online, please note the collages are only available in person.