When I produced my first photography project I thought, I doubt anyone but me will find this interesting.  To my surprise many people found it interesting.  And thus began my journey into Photographic Art Projects.  My projects are often inspired by the lack of diversity in the media & are meant to not only empower those I’m capturing, but to also inspire the viewer.  If I want to see more body positivty, ethnic diversity, or even a different perspective of  people, then I would have to create it.

I’m delighted to join the community of artists & creators of Patreon.  Patreon is a way to keep up to date on what I’m working on, see sneak peeks of projects while they’re being produced, and even share your thoughts on what I’ve captured.  For as little as $1 a moth, it’s a way to show your support for the projects I’m producing and help further the message of diversity, inclusiveness, and self love.   I hope to not only capture people, beautiful & raw, but to also expand my audience and change main stream imagery. By becoming a patron, you’re helping with studio costs, printing/framing,  submission fees, and more.  Your support empowers me to continue to produce and show my work on a much grander scale.

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