Sci-Fy Women

From Another Dimension

Have you ever imagined what pop culture would look like from another dimension? In this collaboration we, the models and myself, created characters that we wanted to see more of in the science fiction genre. The characters we created were valued by society for their wit, courage, and intellect. We imagined that on Earth 2.7 women held power and were the predominate figures in media.

The series was turned into a postcard collection and limited metal prints.

Droid Takeover

Imagine if Mario & Luigi were replaced with a pair of queer Latina's. One is a scientist and the other their robot creation. I imagine they would work together and sometimes fight with each other and would inspire generations of gamers on Earth 2.7

Video Game

Cascadia Rising

Books have a huge influence, some span into a series, beloved by generations and inspire generations of creators. Cascadia Rising is a young adult book series that follows Shiny, a clever traveler who merges science and magic to find new worlds.

Earth 2.7 Book Series


Short stories are often the influence of to some of the most beloved science fiction created. Some are told, and retold by generations. Spectrum is a cautionary tale about greed and how our actions affect our community, and dare the world.

Earth 2.7 Original Short Story


Some of the most iconic science fiction movies feature women, on Earth 2.7 it would be dominated by women of color. Polarity follows Technical Officer T'Spera who discovers an alien lifeform in her tech & must protect the United Federation from invasion.

Earth 2.7 Movie

The Postcard Collection