An All Inclusive Online Photography Course

Earlier this year I took to leap to become a teaching artist and share my knowledge of photography. With schools closing and everything moving to distance learning I've developed a program for youth and families to explore this medium at their pace and convenience. I realize that photography is a privilege, and part of what drives me to teach is to provide access to those who wouldn't otherwise be exposed to photography as an art. This online course includes everything necessary to participate, from the camera to the the battery charger and can be mailed anywhere in the United States. While there is a cost for the course & camera rental, I also realize that many are experiencing hardship. Financial assistance is available, please contact M for more information. If you are personally able to help support this program and others that are in development please consider contributing.

Photo Adventures, (Part 1)

Create a personal field guide to the 'rules'

During this five week course, twelve participants will gain a basic knowledge of various standard features that point and shoot / DSLR cameras have. Exploring multiple aspects of photography while creating a personal field guide to the "rules" of design and composition. With 10 interactive live sessions each covering a different technique and style that can be captured right from home.

The program is designed for youth 7-14 years old, families, and anyone interested in visual art.

May 11th-June 12th

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Photo above is of students from my Studio Latino after school SUN program.