You're Booked!

Yay! You're booked for a unique experience with M.Martinez! The goal is to leave you feeling connected to the woman beyond the role of mom. It's going to be a fun and uplifting experience that's tailored to specifically celebrate you.

You're Booked!

Yay! You're booked for a unique experience with M.Martinez! The goal is to leave you feeling connected to the woman beyond the role of mom. It's going to be a fun and uplifting experience that's tailored to specifically celebrate you.

A Moment For Mom

Thank you for taking part in this transformative experience. This is all about celebrating you and giving you a moment to the connect with the woman who became mom. Think about what you want to embrace in this moment for yourself. Consider what you like about your style and personality, and what you want to feel through your photos. We'll photograph one main look, but you'll get a range of images from candid moments full of laughter and smiles, to serious and pensive. No matter the pose, keep in mind that the best photos are often the ones where you can feel the energy and connection. Remember, no single session is perfect, and it doesn't have to be! As long as you feel good, that's all that matters. 

Start Planning Now...

What to wear...

This experience is about celebrating you, so let's start with what to wear. Don't wait until the day before to decide on your outfits, start playing around and trying things on now. First and foremost, choose something that you feel confident in, and that accents your favorite curves. Start by raiding your closet. It's full of treasures! You likely have many things that can be manipulated into outfits for your unique session. Take a look at some ideas below.


When choosing props think about the meaning those items have to you. These can be items that relate to your identity or interests. Pull out your fancy jewelry, bring your boa, and sexy shoes. It's about what makes you feel good. Plants and flowers are also a great way to reconnect. A fresh selection will be available to incorporate special. Whatever you decide, think about it now and if possible, get it ready now.

Hair & Nails

It's all in the details. Believe it or not, clean or painted nails can make all the difference in what you notice. Think about your head-to-toe look. Apply makeup in a way that makes you feel your best self. It's all about you feeling good. Get your haircut a few days before the session, or if you're going to get styled, give yourself extra time for things to run late and for you to get from one place to the other without feeling rushed or stressed.

Your Look

Consider the overall feeling that you want to see in your photos. It may sound silly but practice your facial expressions & poses in front of a mirror at home. Allow yourself to have fun and play with your smiles and expressions. Find the curves that you like most and try different stances and poses to get a feel for your body and what you like and what feels good for you and your unique style. Don't worry, we're going to take lots of pictures during our session.

Be Inspired

Start creating the soundtrack of your experience. Music can be such an influence on our mood and mindset. This experience is about celebrating your personal style and power. Pick music that makes you feel empowered, fun, and that brings out your most authentic self. Start compiling a playlist that you can listen to while you're getting ready, on your way. Connect your music to the Bluetooth speaker and let the rhythm rejuvenate your energy.

The Day Before

*Pack everything that you may need for the session. Do it today and save yourself some time and stress.

*Drink lots of water. It may sound silly, but the more hydrated you are, the better your skin will look.

*If possible, try to avoid salty, greasy, or oily foods, sugary drinks, & alcohol. You want to look & feel your best tomorrow.

*Do a little work out. Nothing strenuous or overly impactful, just a little something to tighten your muscles a bit. A few wall pushups or squats will give your body a firm look without much effort.

* Most importantly, try to get some sleep. You want to wake up feeling good & rested. This is your time to shine.

"The energy of the mind is the essence of life."


The Day Of

Get in the Mood

*This time is about celebrating you. Listen to your playlist while you get ready and while you're on your way to the session. Allow your energy to shift into connecting with yourself.

Give Yourself Time

*Avoid feeling rushed and make sure your bags are ready to go and be sure to give yourself plenty of time to get ready. Arrive on time to experience the full royal treatment and to allow for a small welcome ritual before your session. Please arrive within 10minutes of your session, this time is set aside especially for you.

Bring Your Toothbrush

*Brighten your smile immediately by brushing your teeth just before our session. This little trick does wonders to enhancing your smile during photos.

Set Your Intentions

*Think about what you want to from this moment to yourself and what you want to reconnect with. Focus on what you want to feel when you look at your images and allow yourself to embrace those parts of you.

Have Fun!

Let loose and enjoy yourself. Laughter brings out people's personalities and make for some of the best pictures. So, relax, goof-off and have a good time! Enjoy some refreshments and goodies and savor the experience.

The whole point is to have fun while expressing yourself