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Mikaela Martinez

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Welcome to M.Martinez Photo

Hi! My name is Mika and I'm a visual storyteller who uses photography to empower people and transform ideas of possibility. With more than 20 years of experience I'm passionate about sharing expressions of identity less visible in mainstream media through educational moments, commercial collaborations, and transformative photography.

My vision is to remind people there is no one way in life, that the possibilities of who we can be and how we create don't have to fit into a box. I believe that photos are documented memories frozen in time. In these moments whole stories are communicated through the pictures recorded. What we see and how it's shared has an influence on our perception of self, others, and the world around us. With this in mind, my role is to help mindfully tell stories and provide alternative perspectives via photography and teaching.

I'm here to break the box and change the world one collaboration at a time.

I think that any photographer is an investigator. Photography is a pretext to know the world, to know life. To know yourself.

(– Graciela Iturbide)

Noteable Projects

A 2024 Project

Soy Yo!

A photographic essay that celebrates the different styles and expressions that make up Latinx identity. The project provides audiences with a contemporary idea of how diverse Latinx culture is, while also contributing to a broader representation of us in media. 

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Shared in 2023

PDX Catrinas

Exploring Mexican identity through the lens of the iconic symbol, La Catrina. 'Portland Catrinas' is a multi-media project that brought together 10 different Latin creators to produce 5 unique expressions of La Catrina to be shared via photographs and a short film.

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Created in 2021

Confidence Is...

A photographic collection of how confidence is, experienced, expressed, and embodied by everyday people. Exploring a nearly universal feeling 'Confidence Is...' shares personal expressions each tell a powerful story about resilience, connection, and self love.

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Produced between 2017-2019

Sexuality Over 50

Created for my mother, 'Sexuality Over 50' explores the identity and sexuality for quinquagenarians and beyond. Each set reflects that individuals own perception of their sexuality and expression of it in relation to their identity.

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Let's work together

Collaborations I'm Open To...

Currently, I am open to collaborations that disrupt traditional narratives and value equity, intentionality, and authenticity in the work being produced. I have extensive experience mindfully creating photographic projects and essays from start to finish, I support other creators through mentorship, professional development, as well as project management.

I love supporting others in creating their vision. Collaborative projects are my passion. If you have an idea for a photo or video project and are looking for a producer, let's set up a meeting. With more than 22 years of photography experience, I have gained a lot of different skills as a creator and photographed nearly everything you can think of.

Let's talk about ethics! It's one of my favorite conversations to have with creators. From the words we use and the meaning behind them to the power that we hold as artists and the influence we can have on the world. You don't have to be a visual storyteller to examine your why and explore more mindful practices. Facilitating these conversations for businesses, artists, and corporations is pivotal to creating change.

So, let's connect and create some change!

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