Art Shows Are Back

It's been an entire year since Sexuality Over 50 has been viewed. With restrictions being lifted and as vaccines become more available places are beginning to open up again. Club Privata is a private club in Portland, OR that features sexually themed art from artists all over the state. I'm excited to present a portion of my series Sexuality Over 50. The club will be open to the public one night only. If you're comfortable attending social events, please join me on March 4th from 5-7pm for a viewing of this very special project.

Sexuality Over 50 was created as a way to encourage my Mom. I wanted it to act as a visual reminder of the vibrancy that people her age possess and to help her accept her own sexuality, and the kinds of possibilities that still existed for her. Portland's sex positive communities were able to provide me with a wide range of perspectives for this project, allowing me to include participants from Seattle & New Orleans. By presenting images of people in a way that reflected how they envisioned themselves, I wanted to change concepts around sexuality and aging. It was important that each participant expressed how their sexuality, and how they wanted others to perceive it. These ideas are what created the titles and spurred the creation of a book exploring each set visually.

For me, this ongoing photographic essay and is dedicated to my late Mom.