Earth 2.7

Media from another dimension

Have you ever imagined this world but different? What if all the billionaires paid their fair share in taxes? What if there was no hunger? What if women ruled the world? 

Media From Earth 2.7 is a long term collaborative project explores what fantasy and science fiction might look like when the dominant narrative comes from the perspective of brown women, instead of white men. Taking place, on an earth just like this one, only 2 dimensions over and 7 light years away the stories that are told reflect a society that values women for their insight, compassion, and intellect. Stories that originate from Indigenous cultures and are focused on cooperation and community.

A Few of the stories

Stories From Earth 2.7

Droid Takeover

Scifi Women

Imagine if Mario & Luigi were replaced with a pair of queer Latina's. One is a scientist and the other their robot creation. I imagine they would work together and sometimes fight with each other and would inspire generations of gamers on Earth 2.7

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