Changing Perspectives

I’ve never been good at fitting into a box and I’ve tried to fit in many boxes over the years. Boxes that were created by family, friends, and most of all societal expectations. But the truth is, I’m a queer nontraditional Chicana and I naturally question and challenge authority and the rules that govern American society. These boxes were meant to shape who I am, who you are. But we don't have to be confined by these ideas. The boxes that society expects us to live in are created in so many ways, what we see is a big part of that. The role mainstream media plays in shaping ideas of who people should be, how people should look, and what they should be doing in life is significant. My role as a visual storyteller is to shift perspectives by presenting other possibilities. Each of my projects are a collaboration with those being photographed. They showcase unique experiences, perspectives, and most of all a desire to be represented authentically and in a way that empowers others.

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Each project originated from a desire to share different perspectives than what we see and provide more authentic representation in media.

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