!Soy Yo! - Portlandia

!Soy Yo! - Portlandia

A Celebration of the Latinx Community

The word Latinx is used to describe a wide range of people. When I look at my different groups of friends, I see how beautiful and diverse my community is and I want to celebrate that. To see us authentically reflected in media while also elevating our presence and contribution to the communities we are part of.

The project photographed more than 60 different expressions of Latinidad identity at the Historic Heathman Hotel in downtown Portland, Oregon.

Beyond the Photos

What this project means to those who particpated

It's a powerful experience to see yourself reflected in media and even more to have agency over how your story is told. Each participant was invited to title their set and share a message along with the images created. Here are just a few of those stories.

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