The Auction is live!

I am so honored to be among the artists selected to support Don't Shoot Portland in the work that they do. This much-anticipated end of year art auction showcases exceptional artwork from locally talented, socially engaged artists while also ensure the significant impact it creates by channeling the proceeds toward Don’t Shoot Portlands’ low barrier community activism endeavors.

Artists include: James Bester, Julian V.L. Gaines, Mika Martinez, maximiliano, Philip A. Robinson Jr, Isaka Shamsud-Din, Vo Vo, Kyra Watkins

The auction will remain open for bidding through January 1, 2024 in an effort to bring together artists, philanthropists, and passionate individuals dedicated to making a profound difference in our community. By combining the power of art and community engagement, the Black Renaissance Art Auction elevates the collective voice of our society and address critical social issues affecting the most vulnerable.