Artist: Power & PRactices

Every artist creates for a different reason. Over the years mine has grown to foster change, share stories, and to invite people to see themselves and others in a different way. In that time my relationship with photography has changed from being the creator to being a conduit. A few years ago, I joined an organization that uses photography to support creators and communities around the world. Photographers Without Borders is a small, BIPOC-led non-profit that's registered in the US & Canada and are industry leaders in ethical literacy. They offer a storytelling school with courses that range from hands on global learning opportunities to online courses about Ethical Storytelling. It is this course that inspired, Artist: Power and Practices.

Artist: Power and Practices is a community conversation hosted by Don't Shoot Portland and M.Martinez Photo, at the Portland Institue for Contemporary Art. The event brings together five different Portland creators to facilitate a community conversation around the power artists hold and examine the ethics around creating. The event invites visual storytellers to discuss more ethical practices in the industry while collaborating and connecting with other Portland creatives. This 4hr event takes place amidst PICA's, Policing Justice exhibition and includes, goodie bags, refreshments, raffle prizes, and more!

*March 23rd, 2024*

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Artist: Power and Practices is part of Don't Shoot Portland's community programming