Earth 2.7

Media from another dimension

Have you ever imagined what pop culture would look like in another dimension? Through unique collaboration we, the models and myself, created characters that we wanted to see more of in the science fiction and fantasy genre. The characters that we created are valued by this society in an alternate universe for their wit, courage, and intellect. Together, we imagined that on Earth 2.7 women held power and were the predominate figures in media.

This ongoing series started with Scifi Women and has evolved into an entire collection of stories and characters ranging from movies, fables, myths, and games.

A Few of the stories

Stories From Earth 2.7

Droid Takeover

Scifi Women

Imagine if Mario & Luigi were replaced with a pair of queer Latina's. One is a scientist and the other their robot creation. I imagine they would work together and sometimes fight with each other and would inspire generations of gamers on Earth 2.7

Collectables From Earth 2.7