"Confidence Is"

What started as a reboot evolved into something bigger & better than I could have imagined. I wanted to bring back "Confidence Is Sexy" and started gathering collaborators to make it happen. I was determined for this go round to include more BIPOC and under represented folks. I wanted to make sure their ideas and perceptions were shared in a way that is authentic to them & their experience. As we began our concept meetings the stories and ideas people shared around confidence were vastly different and while we all agreed that being confident is attractive, sexy didn't feel like it fit with what we were creating. Thus, "Confidence Is" was created. The project takes how people experience, interpret, or embody what confidence means to them in a very personal way. Each one has a unique message about identity, visibility, and experience. Together we're challenging ideas and the way people are seen.

The messages that each concept is presenting moves me and rather than wait till the end to share what we're doing we decided to bring in our community to help create these ideas. We're asking for your help to support the artists involved in creating this. I may be the creator and photographer, but I can't do this alone. This project is made possible by professional makeup artists, hair stylists, fashion designers, and a behind the scenes support staff. All of these collaborators identify as women and more than 70% as BIPOC.

I encourage you to follow the project and contribute to a concept that moves you. Your support goes to those who are bringing that idea to life and helps amplify the message being shared.