Littles In The Dungeon

In 2014 I had some friends who were opening an adult space. They asked me to be their opening artist and I wanted to create something specific to the community they wanted to have in the space, but to also to take the opportunity to shift the kind of people seen in erotic imagery.

There are lots of kinks in this world, and the way people express themselves vary. Littles is term used for people who enjoy giving control to someone who will allow them to play in a way that is often associated with a much younger age. The most common expression of this is a baby girl, and while that may vary from person to person the way I was seeing it portrayed didn't reflect the range of people who identified as a 'little'. I wondered, what would happen if a group of self-identified littles took over a dungeon.

The original files to this project were lost, and only a single print of each image exists.

This is the ONLY digital file that exists.